The food bank has been a saving grace for my family some months. After all bills are paid and rent is checked off we sometimes have little to no money to fill our house with groceries for our family. The food bank helps us get by in tougher times. Very thankful for this place.

I work 60 hours every week. I still can barely afford to pay my school bills and still eat. The food bank has saved me from this problem time and again. Without it I would be homeless and hungry.

I’m old on a very fixed income and the food bank helps me stretch my money so I can make it month to month.

Really great place, never hesitant to give you more than enough food for you and your family. Not an awkward place to go either, they make it a very comfortable exchange. Real life happens sometimes, and Gallatin Valley Food Bank is the first place to let you know that someone is always there to help!

Love this place and what an awesome food bank where you don’t just get handed a box you get to get a cart and shop for what you like and such amazing staff and volunteer help!

When visiting Gallatin Valley Food Bank for my family and myself, I’ve always have been treated with kindness and understanding. The staff is always very helpful even when it’s a full waiting room. Everybody is just super. 

Wow this is the best food bank I have ever been to.

I have been a Thursday morning volunteer at the Gallatin Valley food bank (GVFB) for about 2 years. Volunteering for me is about meeting a need to underserved families and individuals in the community but more than that, it is about the people. There has been a consistency of volunteers that have become my friends whom I look forward to working with as well as the clients that have come to know me in the “bread room”. I moved to BZN from Eagle River, Alaska where I volunteered at the local food bank with my children. It was housed in our church building and open 2 days of the week. The food bank in BZN is a flagship operation in comparison. Most stores in the Gallatin valley contribute food. Fresh produce for the GVFB is phenomenal in the growing season, with many families from the community contributing produce & fruit. I am so proud to be part of such a giving community that touches so many people with their generosity in donations of time, talent and monetary contributions.

I volunteer because I believe it’s human nature to help others, and though I may not have a lot of money to give, I do have time to share. We are all in this together, and volunteering reminds me to keep an open mind and an open heart. I chose GVFB because I believe everyone has a right to start the day with a healthy meal, and no one should go to bed hungry.

I’ve volunteered at GVFB for sometime now, and what keeps me returning to help out are the clients faces, attitude, and respect they present to everyone that takes part in this wonderful organization, which would make anyone’s “heart glow”!

I have been with the GVFB since January, and I keep coming back because I want to give back to my community. I never felt much of a connection with the city I grew up in, so feeling connected with the Bozeman/Gallatin Valley area is a new and exciting feeling. I love the different characters who volunteer here and enjoy that this place looks like a warehouse but feels less depressing than Sam’s Club.

GVFB serves the people, with respect and compassion. As a Council member we can’t do without all our volunteers, they help us do everything that is needed. The staff is very devoted to the GVFB, and they do an awesome job. I truly respect them. I have been coming back to Volunteer for more years then I can count. It has become a devotion for me, I feel it is my mission to serve the public with GVFB.

The reason why I volunteer is because it is a very healthy habit and a fun thing to do. GVFB Rocks!!!!!!!! I have been volunteering for almost 7 years and I am going to keep it up because I enjoy seeing lots of fun Ppl there. I also love to kid around w/a few of them. I do enjoy being around ppl that I like and love. I never have bad days at GVFB. They are always happy. I enjoy volunteering w/fun ppl I know really well.

I keep coming back because I am hopeful that we as a team can make someones life in the community a little better and happier each day we are there, and it doesnt hurt that we have an awesome crew with an awesome leader “Bethel” and her crew of Daiman, Becky, Linda, Scott, Terry, Gary(when he is not being a sunbird), Bob and Jim…little over a year(I think)…..

Two+ years have I been here. Really enjoy my fellow volunteers, like a family that gets together once a week over food. And do like the great staff (our team is dedicated to Bethels’ requests, and certainly Donnas’). For me personally, I like helping out others, fortunate or not, and the Food Bank is a great resource for my contribution.

GVFB’s purpose, positive community impact, staff and volunteers are why I volunteer. I’ve had the pleasure of working on the Monday afternoon shift since January 2014. Bar none, the Monday afternoon shift volunteers are ‘can-do’ people with fascinating backgrounds and dedicated to helping others. This team rocks!


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