About the Program:

 The KidsPack Program is a weekend supplemental food resource that provides reliable, healthy food access to elementary children across Gallatin, Madison and Jefferson counties.

Through the KidsPack Program, nutritionally balanced, kid-friendly foods are packed and distributed to local school children every Friday during the school year.  The goal of KidsPack is to ensure that all children have access to food over the weekend and arrive at school fed and ready to learn each week.

The KidsPack Program distributes close to 500 bags to children each week in twenty-one schools throughout Gallatin, Madison, and Jefferson Counties. 

How to sign up:

The KidsPack program is open to all students at participating elementary schools regardless of their family’s income.  To sign your child up please contact the main office of your child’s school. See lists below for participating schools.

  • Emily Dickinson
  • Hawthorne
  • Hyalite
  • Irving
  • Longfellow
  • Meadowlark
  • Morning Star
  • Whittier
  • Youth Dynamics
  • Heck Quaw
  • Saddle Peak
  • Ridge View
  • Monforton
  • Gallatin Gateway
  • Ophir Elementary
  • West Yellowstone
  • Manhattan Elementary
  • Twin Bridges 
  • Basin
  • Boulder
  • Whitehall
"We have been down to basics multiple times regarding our dinner and lunch menus. With the kids pack we have saved so much stress and money as well knowing that we will have extras and even fun granola bars and juice for the weekend. Our kids feel as though they are contributing to our groceries when they bring home food that we are all excited about! Thank you so much for all of your care and hard work!!"
Parent of a Recipient
Heck Quaw Elementary

Support KidsPack

Did you know 1 in 6 children in Montana struggle with hunger?

The Healthy KidsPacks program distributes more than 11,000 bags of food annually to children across the valley. 

Providing a monthly donation of just $20 ensures that one child will have access to nutritional support for four weeks. Donate today


Schools are often spread thin in both time and funds.  Sponsoring all or part of a schools cost of KidsPack can make a huge impact.  

To discuss sponsorship options or ideas please contact Lyra at kidspack@thehrdc.org or donate HERE

Volunteer with KidsPack

Every week close to 500 premade bags go out for KidsPack.  Join the volunteer crew that assembles bags for distribution.  

Bags are packed with shelf stable food supplies that supplement the entire families food budget and include enough for 3-4 meals depending on how the child or families decide to use the items.

This is a fun activity for kids, families, and co-workers that takes place 3-4 times a month on Tuesday evenings. Sign up to Volunteer

Every week close to 500 premade bags go out to local elementary schools for participating KidsPack recipients. 

Join the volunteer crew that delivers these bags weekly or become a substitute driver.  Delivering KidsPacks does involve some physical aspects (lifting packed crates and utilizing a hand truck). Please note there is a limit of two people per shift due to vehicle constraints.

Deliveries take place in our vehicles. Sign up to Volunteer

"As a low-income family that does not or barely qualifies for food stamps, it (KidsPack) really helps make sure we have something to eat and helps kids have full bellies"
Parent of a Recipient
Monforton School

KidsPack would not be possible without generous support from YOU and the following businesses and foundations.


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